Why To Prefer Fouad WhatsApp?

This App is an iconoclast as compared to traditional messaging Apps and a very obvious alternative to those. Fouad WhatsApp doubtlessly signifies its existence with a diversity of outstanding features that redefine the chatting experience. It’s suitability to every type of user is the reason that why should you prefer Fouad WhatsApp over official WhatsApp. This application also gives you the option of data backup which means your data is completely secure.

A major factor contributing to the preference of Fouad WhatsApp is its entire tireless efforts to maximize user privacy and security. The application pays huge attention to safeguard the personal information of its users that is the main concern of everyone using any chatting apps. You can even hide the whole chatting with a contact by ” hide chat box” option. In short, this app gives a matchless privacy setting elevation.

Besides this, Fouad WhatsApp offers a vast range of applicable features that are not provided by official WhatsApp. This app goes beyond the functional boundaries of traditional WhatsApp and pacifies the requirements of users who desire exalted features. Here is a comparison chart that differentiate the features of both applications.

WhatsApp VS Fouad WhatsApp

Media Sharing Fouad WhatsApp VS WhatsApp

Video/Audio File Size


Image Share Limit

Maximum 100

Convert Video to GIF

30 Seconds


1024 Contacts

Status Characters

255 Characters

Enhanced Messaging Fouad WhatsApp VS WhatsApp

Mass Text Sender

Auto Reply

Schedule Message

Anti Delete

Filter Messages

Custom Options Fouad WhatsApp VS WhatsApp

Multiple Themes

Fonts Style

Icon Change

Bubble and Ticks

EMOJI Variant

Chat Wallpaper

Privacy Options Fouad WhatsApp VS WhatsApp

Airplane Mode

Freeze Last Seen

Who Can Call Me

WhatsApp Lock

Blue Tick

Conceal Online Status

Hide Typing/Recording

Why Fouad WhatsApp?


Fouad WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp are chatting applications developed for connecting users. The above mentioned table highlights functional comparison. Developed by FouadMods, Fouad WhatsApp brings extra features plus customization options, providing a feature enriched chatting experience. If you want to go through this experience, just click the Fouad WhatsApp update download button.

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