Fouad WhatsApp Extreme

Fouad WhatsApp has many old versions that are modified by the developers time to time and the most recent version is 9.95. Fouad WhatsApp extreme is one of the old version that was very appealing for users due to its iconic features and modifications.

But but today the latest version 9.95 is here and Fouad WhatsApp extremes appears to be out dated as compared to Fouad WhatsApp APK. But as it may still appeal many users so the detailed description of Fouad Extreme is here. It’s latest update is the version 8.31 that has not only improved the previous version but has some more added brilliant functions.

Fouad WhatsApp Extreme

In addition to the previous ones the newly added features are as follows;

Features of fouad extreme

  • Errors on replying status
  • Bugs
  • Wrong Folder Error
  • Status Download
  • Altering Attach Style
  • Hide Search Icon
  • Secondary Package
  • Menu Privacy
  • Updated At
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • Available
  • 2.20.123

How to download fouad whatsApp extreme

Download Fouad WA Extreme

If you want to download Fouad WhatsApp Extreme you have to download two packages;
1) For primary number com.whatsapp package
2) For secondary number com.fmwhatsapp package

Package One

(2)Fouad Extreme WA

Before Installing Fouad WA Extreme

Before installing Fouad WhatsApp extreme remember to backup all WhatsApp data, then delete your WhatsApp or modified WhatsApp whatever you are using, and then install the above mentioned two packages step by step.

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