Complete Feature Of Fouad WhatsApp APK

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Fouad WhatsApp Complete Features Detail

1) Privacy & security features Fouad WhatsApp

WhatsApp Lock

This “App Lock” specialty gives users the ability to set pattern or lock by PIN their WhatsApp, entrusting that their chats and data remains private and protected from illegal access try.

Who Can Call Me

It gives users choice to receive calls only from their allowed or specific contacts and enable users to manage their privacy.

Freeze Last Seen

Control your last seen status,with the flexibility to display a specific last seen time without being online. It elevates privacy with a convenience to manage online status and its visibility.

Hide Online Status

Fouad WhatsApp gives users additional privacy by letting them hide their online activity. With this active feature, users can secretly manage their visibility and online presence.

Hide Blue Tick

Disable the read receipts and enjoy greater privacy. This feature lets you read messages without notifying the sender, offering a desired flexible messaging experience.

2) Messaging Enhancements Fouad WhatsApp

Auto Reply

Users can automatically response for incoming messages using this feature in Fouad WhatsApp without any ads. This capability proves handy for notifying contacts or sending quick replies without input.

Mass Message Sender

The feature enhances communication convenience by sending messages to multiple contacts at the same time. This efficiency simplifies group messaging and soothes the overall communication process.

Message Scheduler

Users can schedule messages for on time communication. It enables users to plan automatic messages enhancing their convenience.

Anti-Delete Messages

None can delete a sent message for you. When someone sends you a message and instantly deletes it before you could see that message, when this feature is enabled, the message will not be deleted for you.

Filter Messages

Here are powerful message filters for efficient organization such as read/unread, starred, and archived, enabling easy piloting through messages.

3) Customization Options Fouad WhatsApp

Multiple Themes

Here is flexible choice to choose from plenty of themes, allowing users to personalize the application’s optical appearance matching their preferences.

Different Fonts

It is a very unique feature within chatting experience that enables you to choose from a variety of font style according to your own specific preferences

EMOJI Variant

Fouad WhatsApp offers an arena of emoji variants, enabling users to express themselves in style through a diversity of emoticons and exalt the overall emotive quality of messages.

Bubble and Ticks

Customize chat bubbles and message ticks, with a vast selection of visual elements for conversations to have a more personalized and pleasing experience.

4) Additional Functions Fouad WhatsApp

Send HD Media Files

This App facilitates sending of HD media files, ensure that users share and receive images and videos with high end visual quality.

Hide Media From Gallery

An enhanced privacy feature by Fouad WhatsApp is hide the media files from gallery that are sent or received through this App.

Download Status

The application allows users to download and save status updates shared by their contacts, providing an easy way to keep happy moments and media.

Anti Ban

This feature in Fouad WhatsApp 2024 new version enhances user security by minimizing the risk of being banned by special development adhering to the regulations of Official WhatsApp.

Message Unsaved Numbers

If you are using official WhatsApp on your device, to message new or unknown numbers you have to save the number first then you can send message to that contact. But on Fouad WhatsApp you don’t have to save the number but you can send message otherwise.

Concluding Fouad WhatsApp Features

The features of Fouad WhatsApp APK are extremely appealing and satisfy the user needs to the fullest.

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