NS WhatsApp APK

If only unique chatting appeals you and not the casual ones, then NS WhatsApp APK is then perfect solution for you. It has not only the unique customization and security options but also the unique and colorful UI that is available in four vibrant color choices that appeals a wide range of users because it becomes more attractive.

The color choice include Orange, Blue, Red and Green. It means that this WhatsApp APK is available in four UIs under the titles NS WA Orange, NS WA Blue, NS WhatsApp Red and Ns WhatsApp Green. This is the most appealing feature which is not available in Fouad WhatsApp APK, MB WhatsApp APK, MB WhatsApp iOS, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus and WhatsApp Gold iOS.

NS WhatsApp Orange

NS WhatsApp Orange is available in juicy orange interface that not only looks appealing and vibrant but also gives the choice satisfaction to users who prefer colorful choices.

NS WhatsApp Orange NS WhatsApp Blue

NS WhatsApp Blue

This application is with sweet and sour blue user interface like blueberries. It has beautiful looks and the most unique features of customization, themes and privacy all at your finger tips.

NS WhatsApp Red

This application has the red hot and bold looking user interface for those who have the choice of dark and bold colors along with other preferred customization options that are not provided by traditional WhatsApp.

NS WhatsApp Red NS WhatsApp Green

NS WhatsApp Green

This is for those users who like and prefer to use traditional user interface but with a twist of customization related choice from a vast range to choose.

Download NS WhatsApp APK

  • App Name
  • Developer
  • Version
  • Size
  • Last Updated
  • Requirement
  • NS WhatsApp
  • Mod APK
  • V9.383
  • 84.45 MB
  • One Day Ago
  • Android 4.3 and Up

How To Download And Install NS WhatsApp

To download NS WhatsApp APK just follow the below mentioned simple steps;

1- Go to the download button of our website.

2- Click on the download button and start the process.

3- When download is complete, open the file.

4- If the permissions are restricted, Go to the settings.

5- Allow to download the applications from third party source.

6- After enabling the settings click on the install.

7- when installation is complete, Register the application by entering your phone number.

8- Application is ready to use.

NS WhatsApp In PC

Install NS WhatsApp In PC

Following are the key steps for getting the amazing NS WhatsApp in PC
1- You need an emulator in your PC, First of all download Bluestacks emulator.
2- Download NS WhatsApp APK from this website.
3- Open Bluestacks and install MB WhatsApp APK downloaded file.
4- When installation is done, NS WA APK is ready to use in PC.

Back Up And Restore In NS WhatsApp APK

Restore And Back Up in NS WhatsApp

Follow the below steps to restore data in WA NS;
1- Before switching from official WhatsApp to APK WhatsApp go to the settings and back up your data.
2- Now download WA NS from the above button.
3- After downloading, Install the application.
4- After Installation WA NS will ask for any data backup, click on yes
5- Your all data will be restored.
6- Start using NS WhatsApp.

Yes, the minimum requirement is 4.3 and above android.

Yes it is completely user friendly and safe until you follow the norms.

Yes it is available in four colors orange, blue, red and green.

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